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Vestibular (Balance)

The vestibular system is located in our inner ears. It helps us feel balanced. When it isn’t working, typically, people with autism can be seriously affected.  It can impede their understanding of what is happening to themselves and to the world around them.

Over sensitive

A debilitating response to motion, typically in the form of travel sickness. This can be particularly difficult for someone with autism to bear if they don’t know what is causing the nausea and can’t express their feelings.  It can vary from person to person, so it may be even more difficult to determine the cause of the anxiety.

TIPS TO REDUCE ANXIETY Repetitive actions like mild rocking or swinging can help calm an over-stimulated vestibular system by gently controlling the movement – this can also build a tolerance Yoga poses may help
Sitting still on the floor can also help

Under responsive

A need to seek out experiences to boost body movement. Without this additional movement, the balance a person feels comfortable with may not be achievable. This may appear as hyperactivity, a desire to be on the move all the time, to eagerly accept experiences like fairground rides, swings, rough and tumble or gymnastics. All of these activities will stimulate the senses.

TIPS TO REDUCE ANXIETY All types of movement can help…
Dancing, climbing, riding a bike, swimming, even using a ball chair or wiggle cushion for seated activities

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