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About Autism Together

We started life in 1968 as Wirral Autistic Society when a group of forward thinking parents wanted to give support to their loved ones. Autism Together is now one of the country’s leading providers of services and support to people with autism and their families. We campaign on behalf of all individuals affected by autism, we encourage all our supporters to get involved with fundraising and volunteering with us and offer comprehensive training and job development to our employees.

Family satisfaction comments

“We have not had any concerns or complaints with regards to our relative’s care in the 10 years that she has attended Autism Together.”

“We congratulate you all for your hard work, dedication and professionalism.”

“Could not have had better staff if we had hand-picked them ourselves. We are listened to and not patronised.”

“Senior staff meet with us regularly, are patient, receptive and honest with us, listen and accept our concerns are legitimate.”

“A great deal of patience and understanding is required to deal with my relative and I know full well that the carers possess these amazing qualities.”

“The needs and wishes of our son are unpredictable but the way they are handled with patience and professionalism is greatly appreciated.”

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