By Helen Bilton, Head of People Services for Autism Together…

I am very proud to reveal that Autism Together has been named amongst the UK’s Top Three for gender pay equality in the residential care sector.

Each year, over ten thousand companies in the UK submit their gender pay gap data to the government. A company called Lead5050 then creates an Equity Index, using every piece of information submitted in order to rank businesses on their workplace equity.

Our CEO, Richard Whitby, said of this recognition for our charity: “I have the privilege to lead an organisation that doesn’t just talk about pay equity, but actively lives it!”

Lead505 said about the results in the care sector: “As we navigate towards a more inclusive future, it’s crucial to recognise sectors that exemplify workplace equity… we believe that equity is not just a goal but a fundamental aspect of sustainable and compassionate business practices.”

Equal pay across genders is just one of many important benefits we have sought to ensure or bring to Autism Together, since the new Executive Team was established in 2023.

Other important wins for our employees include:

  • We pay above the National Living Wage for all care roles and apprenticeships at Autism Together.
  • We pioneered the first, and now annual, AT Staff Awards – to recognise and reward staff for the vital work they accomplish each day.
  • We brought in a new apprenticeship programme, giving staff opportunities to obtain a professionally-recognised qualification, relevant to their role.
  • We established important new training for managers around the menopause.
  • We expanded our base of mental health first aiders and first responders to ensure staff across all areas had easy access to mental health support, while at work.
  • Coming soon – a brand-new Employee Assistance Programme, offering professional counselling sessions, 24/7 confidential helpline, medical information, family advice, plus financial and legal information.

Interested in starting a career with Autism Together? Take a look at the range of current job vacancies we have available.