Free wills for our supporters

Why leaving a gift to us in your will is so helpful to our charity…

When people leave money or gifts in their wills, it’s called a legacy. Legacies can play a crucial role in supporting the mission and work of Autism Together, as they contribute to the organisation’s long-term sustainability and impact.

A gift in your will to Autism Together, means you are leaving a lasting legacy for the people we support, for years to come.

Here are a few reasons why legacies are so important to Autism Together…

Legacies can benefit people we support for decades to come…

1. Financial Support: Legacies can provide a significant source of financial support for Autism Together. These funds can be used to maintain and expand existing programs, develop new services, and enhance the overall quality of support provided to the people we support.

2. Long-Term Planning: Legacies allow Autism Together to engage in long-term planning and make strategic investments in areas that will benefit the people we support over the years. This stability helps the organization navigate financial uncertainties and adapt to the changing needs of autistic people.

3. Program Development: Legacies enable Autism Together to initiate and sustain innovative programs and services. This might include educational initiatives, vocational training, residential facilities, or other projects aimed at improving the lives of individuals with autism and their families.

4. Community Outreach: The funds from legacies can be used to expand community outreach efforts, raising awareness about autism and promoting understanding and acceptance. This can contribute to creating a more inclusive society for individuals with autism.

5. Facility Upgrades and Maintenance: Legacies can contribute to the upkeep and improvement of the facilities where Autism Together provides its services. This includes ensuring that residential homes, our Day Services and other spaces are beneficial to the well-being and development of the people we support.

6. Flexibility: Legacy gifts provide Autism Together with a level of financial flexibility. This flexibility allows the organization to respond to emerging needs.

Any donation – however big or small – will make a real difference to the people we support.

Did you know that you can choose how your legacy is used?

Many people who leave a gift to Autism Together, have experienced the work we undertake. This could be through having a loved one who attends our services, having a friend or family member who receives support from Autism Together or who work for the organisation. This allows them an insight as to what their legacy could be spent on, to make a real difference to a specific area.

For example, one supporter left a legacy to be spent on the garden of one of our residential properties. They stipulated that they wanted this gift to purchase a summer house and bird table, knowing that the residents of the house would enjoy sitting out in the garden, watching the birds, in all weather.

Another supporter stipulated that their legacy was to be used towards providing a new, purpose- built residential home. They knew how important it was that Autism Together continued to invest in properties for the people it supports.

Someone also left a legacy, to help create an outdoor area for one of our Day Service facilities. This space provided a breakout area, where the people we support could also enjoy their lunch.

There are also financial benefits in making a will, such as reducing the total taxable value of your estate and reducing the rate of inheritance tax you pay.

With this in mind, Autism Together has partnered with Octopus Legacy (formerly Guardian Angel) to offer all our supporters access to a free online will service.

Help our work live on…

Making a will is something we often delay, yet it is one of the most important documents we will ever create. We have created a will planner to help you organise all the information you need

Did you know you can choose how your legacy is used?

Help our work live on…

Making a will is something we often delay, yet it is one of the most important documents we will ever create. We have created a will planner to help you organise all the information you need.

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Octopus Legacy

We all want to make sure our loved ones are looked after should the worse happen. When money is tight, it is difficult to justify writing a will. We have therefore established a relationship with Octopus Legacy to provide a simple will for free, that would usually cost £90, which can be produced online.

Gifts from wills make a huge difference to our work. There is no obligation, however most people using this service choose to include leaving a gift to our charity in their plans.

Why do this today?

  • It’s quick and easy – it could take just 15 minutes!
  • It’s safe – Octopus Legacy wills are legally binding and checked by experts.
  • It is free!
  • You will have peace of mind that your affairs are in order.

Remember to use the discount code AUTISMTOGETHER-FREE at check-out.

Click the button below to start making your will today…

DISCLAIMER – Autism Together is not charged by solicitors for providing this scheme to our supporters. Autism Together will not be informed of any details of arrangements made, as these are of course treated as strictly confidential. Autism Together will not be liable, or held accountable, for any information or advice that you are provided with by the promoted solicitors and we do not endorse products or businesses. You are entitled to and should take or obtain advice from a solicitor, whether promoted or not. Please discuss your requirements fully with your chosen solicitor to ensure your needs are met.

It has become common to make a donation to charity, often in lieu of flowers, in memory of a loved one at the time of their funeral. We know how important, and emotional, this time can be.

When a donation is made in memory of someone, we will always send a thank you letter to acknowledge the donation. We will also include some Forget-Me-Not seeds, which can be planted indoors, or outdoors, as a reminder of the memories you shared.

Again, you are welcome to choose a specific area of Autism Together where the donations in memory of someone can be spent.

In recent years, the way people make donations in memory has changed. Autism Together has partnered with Memory Giving to offer an online facility which allows people to set up their own “in memory” page, a place were friends and family can easily make a donation after someone has died. Memory Giving makes the process appropriate, safe and secure for donors, whilst supporting the family’s chosen funeral director to coordinate on their behalf.