Day services

Day services

About Day services

Our Day Services is about offering autistic people a person-centred support-led service with opportunities to input and design their own support journey.

These structured, person-centred programmes offer the necessary communication strategies and support plans to enable a person to develop independently, safely and confidently.

Day Services follows a pathway that works alongside the support journey in our other services, using the different ‘streams’ that we have designed. A person will be placed into a certain stream based upon their personal needs and individual support journey.

Types of streams


This stream will be personalised to an individual who may need a more sensory-based service. Activities will be adapted to address sensory needs and individuals will be able to participate in activities that stimulate their interests. These activities will always have an outdoor-based activity included in them.

Skills Development

The activities under this curriculum will develop skills and offer experiences to all. These activities will be structured to enable people to move through the service and onto the next stream, giving more opportunities.

Work skills

Work Skills These activities will be aimed at individuals who want to work more independently on tasks. The sessions will be designed to be more complex than the ones in the skills development stream and will be aimed at promoting skills that could be transferred to the Pathway to Work stage.

Pathway to Work

This stage is for individuals who would like to look at employment opportunities and potentially progress to paid employment. These sessions will again be person-centred and designed to build the skills needed to access employment.

The Pathway to Work coordinator will work closely with a group of individuals to support them to choose employment opportunities – this may start with volunteering.

We have flexible opportunities across Wirral in various locations, designed to suit the needs of all the people we support, with services offering a varied timetable of activities.

Sessions include

  • Animal Care working with alpacas, goats, pigs, chickens and guinea pigs.
  • Art
  • Café
  • Community-based excursions
  • Cooking & life skills
  • Dance & performing arts
  • Gym
  • Media
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Use of machinery, including tractors, ride on mowers, drills, strimmers.

These sessions are underpinned by a range of achievement awards that people we support can work towards. We have our own Awards Co-ordinator who will support everyone to achieve various awards linked to the activities they choose to participate in. These awards are given in recognition for completing ASDAN, John Muir, Gateway and e-learning courses.

Wrap Around Service

The Wrap Around service is new service that Autism Together are offering to support families of people that use our day services by providing care and support for individuals prior to and after the main structured session of day services.
This pre-bookable service means that people who attend our day service, which starts at 9.30am, can arrive anytime from 7.45am and be supported to have a breakfast snack, do a small activity or even just spend time chilling out and watching TV. The evening session, will run from 4pm with collection anytime up to 6.15pm. Again, we will provide a snack and safe, relaxing space for people to be supported after day services.
Support in these sessions will be tailored to the individuals, but will operate a ‘core’ model of support to provide a cost-effective service. There will always be at least 2 staff members on duty and the support ratio will be no more than 1 staff to 3 people we support.
The service runs out of The Enterprise Centre in Bromborough Pool Village, Monday to Friday and either morning, afternoon or both sessions can be purchased, but must be booked in advance.

Weekend Sessional Support

The Weekend Sessional Support Service is a form of Weekend Respite that will run every Saturday & Sunday between 9.30 and 4.30pm. The service will operate from one of our day service locations and will provide a base from where people can access the community, take part in activities such as art, games, using the computer or baking.

Although this is run from the day service locations, this is not a day service – the activities will be lower key and only as structured as the person needs it to be.

We recognise that supporting a person with Autism can be difficult at times, and families may need a break, or maybe you have a special event that you need to attend, but no-one to support your family member. We want to bridge that gap and provide the support required for the day.

Support in these sessions will operate a ‘core’ model of support to provide a cost-effective service, people accessing the support will be assessed based on their needs and the costing will be appropriate to the individual.

Our Admissions and Referrals Team

Services covered by our admissions team are Supported Living, Day Services, and Residential services.
Our aim is to liaise closely with the individual, families, and local authorities to identify the service(s) required and to support them in identifying and securing funding. We will liaise with service managers to ensure a smooth transition for the individual into the services.
We are based in Oak House and our direct line for referrals or enquiries is 0151 482 3126.