Accessing Autism Together’s services

We accept enquiries for support from individuals, their family member or carer. Prior to making enquiries for support you should contact your local authority to ask them to complete a Care Act Assessment so they can see what kind of support you need and if they will help to fund it.

Pathway to access Autism Together’s services

Some people who have received an autism diagnosis may require further support from adult social care services. Autism Together’s adult services are for people aged 18 and over.

We provide support to adults in the form of Residential care, Supported Living, Respite, and Day Services. We also offer support services to children and young people.

Before a referral can be made to access Autism Together’s adult support services, you must first contact your local authority’s Adult Social Care team. Some people may need the support of family, friends, or carers to help with this process.

After contacting your local authority, they will allocate a social worker to come and complete a Care Act Needs Assessment. This assessment will determine if the person in question is eligible for adult social care funding.

Once you understand if funding is available, the social worker will likely discuss a range of services that are suitable and available. However, if you have already decided that you like a specific organisation – in this case Autism Together – then you should make contact with our Admissions team. Their contact email address is:

Accessing Autism Together service steps

  • Have a diagnosis and be aged 18 and over.
  • Contact the local authority’s Adult Social Care team.
  • A Social worker will be assigned to complete the Care Act Needs Assessment.
  • If funding is available, the social worker discusses suitable services.
  • If you prefer Autism Together, contact the Admissions team.

Once a needs assessment has been completed, the following steps take place:

1The Admissions Team will take some details and ask you to complete an ‘Expression of Interest’ form. They will also

2Once our team receives the assessment, we will get back in contact to discuss what options are available and complete a preliminary assessment to gather more information on the person’s preferences, likes and dislikes.

3 A member of the Admissions Team will then book an assessment with the individual and their family/carers. A manager from the service area they could potentially be joining will attend alongside the Admissions staff member, in order to complete the assessment.

4If the outcome of the assessment is that Autism Together can meet the needs of the individual, a date will be set for the person and their family/carers to visit the service in question.

5If Autism Together does not have a suitable service at this time, the person will remain on our enquiry records until an appropriate service – which can meet the individual’s support needs – becomes available.

6If all parties are in agreement that the service offered is suitable for the individual, a report and costing will be submitted to the commissioning body, in order to have the support package funding approved.

7Once the funding has been approved, a transition meeting date would be set to discuss the start date for the individual, and what support may be required in the lead up to this

How to get funding in your local area


For information how to get help from social services, choosing somewhere to live, information and help with community support and getting out and about (travel passes, applying for a blue badge, etc) visit Liverpool Council’s adult social care webpage.

For help in accessing social care

On the Adult Social Care webpage select the ‘Getting Help’ icon, or click here. This page has information about eligibility and what to expect from a care needs assessment.

An online support enquiry can be made by clicking this link. Or you can call to request a support enquiry on 0151 233 3800.

Someone will get back in touch following an online or telephone enquiry to arrange a needs assessment.


For information about adult social care in Wirral, please visit this webpage.

Follow the link to find out about adult support. There is a variety of support available to help people stay independent and get the most out of life.

To decide on the best support for you, you must first carry out a needs assessment.

A needs assessment is free of charge and will identify your specific needs. You can do this for yourself or on behalf of someone you know and will allow us to determine what help you may need.

Once the assessment is completed you’ll be given immediate information about relevant services, advice and guidance.

Cheshire West & Chester

Individuals and families in the Cheshire West & Chester area who are seeking help accessing social care should visit the council’s dedicated page.

For specific information about making a referral and eligibility follow this link.

To request a Needs Assessment, call 0300 123 7034. Someone will call back to arrange coming out to complete an assessment.

Other authorities

Please contact your local council for more information, or look for ‘Adult Social Care’ on their website.

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Pathway to an autism diagnosis