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What we do

Autism Together knows exactly how to support individuals with autism to maximise life opportunities. We offer a wide range of specialist support services to people with autism and their families. To find out more click on a category below:

Who we are

For over 50 years, Autism Together has been providing support to people with autism, offering a wide range of residential services, supported living, day services and community support from our base in Wirral, UK.

We were formed in 1968 when a group of parents established The Wirral Society for Autistic Children, which later became Autism Together. 

Our Ethos

Research has shown that specialist education and structured support can really make a difference to the life of a person with autism.

Every person with autism is unique, so we work with each individual to help them overcome the difficulties autism presents them with, enabling them to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

As a specialist provider of support to individuals with autism, Autism Together recognises each person has a right to live their life as they choose. In recognising this right we create a shared understanding of each person’s strengths and needs, and ensure each person’s preferred way of communicating these is respected and implemented by all our staff.

Our philosophy remains firmly rooted in a belief that:

  • We begin with what people can do, not with what they can’t do, by listening to each individual and acknowledging that they are the expert in their autism.
  • Our support begins with the person, along with a shared understanding of what is important to them and what their strengths and needs are.
  • Our support approaches are individualised so that staff can meet each person’s communication needs. Staff are trained to be consistent in the way they use communication strategies with individuals.

Like anyone, people with autism learn and change over time, so our support approaches are focused on developing lifelong learning.

Our autism strategies help people develop skills by taking into account their communication needs, thinking patterns, social understanding and sensory differences.

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our latest publications

Spring / Summer 2022

Our latest magazine highlights news and achievements of the people we support, our staff and services, and our amazing supporters too!
We lead with our award winning River Park team, plus a full interview with Welsh autistic artist and children’s author Amy Le Dain. Oh, and there’s cute pictures of our baby alpacas too…

View here

Annual Report

During a hugely challenging year, our staff and the people we support did fantastic work, under huge pressure, and our Annual Report is a wonderful opportunity to highlight their work and accomplishments.

Hear from our CEO, Chair of Trustees, and our Head of Residential Services, plus updates from all our services and our Fundraising team too.

View Here

Spring/Summer 2021

Inside our Spring/Summer 2021 magazine you’ll find a piece celebrating the amazing artwork the people we support produced during the pandemic.
Our lead feature is with autism author and public speaker Andrew Edwards. There’s also an interview with our loyal supporters the Bearded Villains Northern Monkeys.

View here

Annual Report

Each year, we produce an Annual Report. It’s our chance to share with you everything we’ve faced and accomplished over the past 12 months.
Like you all, we’ve tackled unprecedented challenges this year, but we also have so much to celebrate. We hope you find our Annual Report interesting and uplifting too, as we look together towards a brighter future.

View here

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