Our tactile sense helps us to interpret information about pressure, texture, movement, vibration, temperature and pain. It also provides us with information that we need for visual perception, body awareness and motor planning. Some people can experience difficulty with processing this tactile information. It can impede a person’s understanding of what is happening to them and in the world around them.

Touch seeker

Seeking out tactile stimuli, this person may appear to have a high pain threshold. They may self-injure or chew on inedible items or clothing. They may seek out physical touch and different textures to experience.

Touch avoider

Withdrawing from or avoiding certain tactile experiences, this person may find another’s touch feels unpleasant or even painful. They may also avoid getting ‘messy’ and not like eating certain foods, brushing their teeth, bathing, or having a haircut. Wearing certain textures of clothing may be unpleasant.

Seamless clothes can be more comfortable if they are closest to the skin, and also remove labels and other items that could be scratchy.

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