Sweet, sour, bitter or salty are the four main taste areas on the tongue. Some people may prefer foods from one of these groups, or foods of a certain texture or temperature. Others may only eat foods of a certain colour.

Over sensitive

Tastes and flavours are too strong for this person. Their diet may be limited to what they can tolerate. It may be that odours from certain foods are too strong for them to cope with, so they limit their food to certain textures, appearances and tastes.

Autism and taste

Under responsive

This person may prefer foods that are very spicy. They may even pick up, taste, or even eat, non-edible items such as grass and stones.

TIPS TO REDUCE ANXIETY New foods can be introduced by making them similar in texture and colour to the person’s preferred food tastes Write a short information sheet that puts the food into a very positive light that will encourage the person to want to try it Put a small piece of ‘new food’ near the person’s plate until it can be placed on the plate. This could take days or even weeks.

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