19% of people on the autism spectrum experience some form of sensory difference with their vision and, in some cases, this can cause them physical pain.

Under responsive

A person with an under-responsive sense of sight may seek experiences to boost the visual input they are receiving. They may be captivated by small details, unnoticed by others, or be found staring into light sources. Patterns or colours may be fascinating.

TIPS TO REDUCE ANXIETY A seeker may need night lights to help them sleep Rainstick sensory toy and various apps like Magic Fluids Lite or Magma are great if seeking more visual input Outline or highlight words to help focus when reading

Over sensitive

Someone with over-sensitive sight may find it difficult to use or maintain eye contact. What can appear rudeness, may actually be a reluctance to participate in an action which can causes them physical pain and anxiety.

TIPS TO REDUCE ANXIETY Lower lighting Reduce glare Ease up on eye contact

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