Photo journey through arrival at the Children and Family Service at Oak House.

As you approach Oak House this is the staff entrance.

Turn left at the main entrance

Then turn right into the signposted car park.

The car park has spaces for about 20 cars, it’s busy during office hours, but there is more space during evenings and weekends.

The doorway to the Children and Family service is halfway along with the building.

This is the doorway to the Children and Family Service.

This is the reception hallway for the Children and Family Service. The double doors opposite are locked during our sessions and for most activities, you will turn left just before these doors.

The left hand side of the hallway which has doors to the meeting/activity rooms and bistro.

Activity room one has a range of game consoles and tables and chairs set up.

The bistro is a comfortable and relaxing space to have refreshments and has an emergency exit.

The right hand side of the corridor which leads to the shower, toilet, library, sensory room and staff office.

Shower and toilet.