Activity Clubs

Activity clubs and friendship groups are funded by Wirral council. The groups are for children and young people aged age ranges 6-10yrs and 11-14yrs and 14 plus.

We have updated the our activity groups for 2022 to include a broader range of activities.

  • Computers and gaming. Board games, Art & craft activities.
  • Cooking. Board games, arts & craft. This block will include a celebratory session, involving families, which they are invited to share in the cooking.
  • Gardening, Woodworking and Animal Husbandry.
  • Music, Dance & Drama and Sport.
  • Computers and gaming (including digital media). Board games, Art & craft activities.
  • Easter, Christmas, and other festive events

By providing themes, we aim to enable children and parents to have a choice of attending all or just their preferred activities and to suit their individual needs

Activity Clubs


1Computers and Gaming January-April (12 weeks)Oak House, 6 Tebay Road, Bromborough
2Cooking AprilMay (7 weeks)Oak House, 6 Tebay Road, Bromborough
3Gardening, Woodworking, Animal Husbandry June to August (11 weeks)June to August (11 weeks) Raby Kitchen Gardens
4Music, Dance & Drama, and sport SeptemberOctober (8 weeks)Giles Shirley Hall, York Street, Bromborough.
5Computers and Gaming (including Digital Media) Nov – Dec (7 weeks)Gallagher House, Dock Road, Wallasey

We intend for these activity clubs to run through holiday periods. There will be some weeks where the sessions won’t run, which will be around bank holiday periods such as Christmas, New Year and Easter. But the majority of the school holidays the sessions will still run.

For more information, please contact a member of our team:

Autism Together, Wirral Centre for Autism, Oak House,
6 Tebay Road, Bromborough Wirral CH62 3PA
Tel: 0151 666 9960 Email: