Happy New Year! Future 50 launch

A warm welcome to the new year - and what a year it's going to be. In 1968 a group of forward-thinking parents formed the Wirral Society for Autistic Children. Fifty years later, in 2018, we've got a new name and several hundred more staff, but the original pioneering spirit of our founders remains intact.

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We need your help, Mr Lidington

Merseyside charity Autism Together has published an open letter to David Lidington, MP, the Secretary of State for Justice. The letter challenges the Ministry of Justice to give legal recognition to 'mate crime', the bullying and manipulation of vulnerable people by so-called friends, and to give police, social services and courts the power to tackle it.

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Autism Together and emergency services launch new scheme to ensure support for people with autism

Autism Together has teamed up with Cheshire Autism Practical Support (ChAPS), Merseyside Police and Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service to launch the new ‘Autism Attention Card’ – a personal card designed to ensure people on the spectrum are given appropriate support by emergency services.

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Now it’s official – Autism Together staff get official recognition of their Guinness World record

Mayor of Wirral Councillor Ann McLachlan met with members of Autism Together's Bounce 25 team this week to present them with their official Guinness World Record certificates.

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