New Access for All onto the Wirral Way

Autism Together’s Enterprise Centre is in the running to receive a £1444 grant to provide new access for all onto the Wirral Way, but they need your help to get it.

Service users from the Community Health and Wellbeing Department CVS are working in partnership with the Wirral Coastal Rangers, and will use the grant to purchase recycled path surfacing material and a mechanical digger, to regrade the embankment between the Wirral Way and the overflow car park at Station Road, Thurstaston, Wirral Country Park.

The upgrade would provide a second access point for visitors onto the Wirral Way as well as providing vehicle access for rangers, and an area for the Sunday morning junior park runners to meet. The new path will be wheel-chair, mobility scooter and pram friendly, allowing access for all.

If successful, this will be the group’s 5thproject funded by Wirral West Community Fund. Service users will develop skills using tools, working as a team and engaging with others. Their role will be to assist with vegetation clearance work and then later in laying the path surfacing material. The work done on the proposed project would go towards gaining their John Muir Award.

An estimated 20,000 people will benefit from the new access including people taking parts in events such as the Wirral Coastal Walk and the Wirral Way half marathon.

Neil Murphy, Activity manager at the Enterprise Centre, said:

“Getting this grant would be another great opportunity for service users to show the community what they are capable of, using skills learnt working with the Wirral coastal rangers. The project will promote healthy lifestyles and encourage people of all abilities to access the beautiful Wirral coastline.”

To help the group win the grant, please visit this site and vote for, New Access for All onto the Wirral Way.