Gallagher House walkthrough

Autism Together has teamed up with media-creation experts hi-impact to create a virtual 3D-walkthrough of one of our buildings.

Using the latest indoor-mapping technologies, the Wirral-based specialists spent a day in Gallagher House, the centre for our creative day services, and produced a comprehensive 3D map of the building’s main rooms and corridors.

Users are now able to walk around and explore this immersive map from the comfort of their homes, or on the move, via their laptops or smartphones.

Created by taking many thousands of images of each room within Gallagher House and then blending them all together, the resulting walkthrough gives people a genuine feel for and understanding of the building’s layout before they ever go there.

Users can click to progress forward along corridors, walk up and down staircases and look at anything within the room: from signs, to computers, to works of art, thanks to full 360° imaging.

There’s even an option to use a VR headset to explore the building in fully-immersive virtual reality.

This ability to remotely explore a building can prove very useful to people with autism, helping them better familiarise themselves with the layout and the journeys they may need to make through it.

The opportunity to do this in advance can help individuals to create new routines, and greatly reduce anxiety and fear of the unknown. It has already proved useful to our Admissions Team.

You can explore our virtual Gallagher House for yourself, by clicking here:

And here’s a video of our Autism Training & Advisory Service discussing how the new 3D-walkthrough can be helpful to individuals with autism: