We’ve had a couple of updates in the past week from our intrepid staff members, Claire Quinlan and Hannah Fulton, who have begun their epic 500-mile hike through the Pyrenees mountains.

The pair are spreading a message of autism acceptance and raising money for our charity as they walk the Camino De Santiago trail from Southern France into Northern Spain.

At the start of the pilgrimage there are two possible trails to choose between – Route Napoleón goes across the mountains, while heading towards the town of Valcarlos leads you through a valley. Route Napoleón is more strenuous, but is the most popular with its stunning mountain views.

Hannah wrote: “We have arrived in our third town, called Zubiri.

“The Napoleon route over the Pyrenees was very hard but we did it!! 13 gruelling miles uphill and 5 downhill. Will update you in a few days!”

And their second update just arrived, saying:

“We have covered 92 miles so far! Here are some pictures from the last few days…

“The weather is very hot, the last few miles of each day is difficult but we find ways to motivate each other, e.g. singing, dancing, etc…

“We have been from Zubiri->Pamplona->Puente le Reina->Estella->Sansol.”

Thanks so much for the update you guys, safe travels, we’re all routing for you.

And if you’d like to donate to their fundraiser, click here.