A service user from North-West charity Autism Together has been invited by Walmart in the United States to its annual international conference.

John Marriott, who works at Asda Arrowe Parke Superstore as a store assistant, was approached by the company after they saw a video of him online talking about how large chain supermarkets need to reduce their plastic waste to help sea life.

John will make the trip across the Atlantic on 26th May, and will travel from Manchester to Bentonville in Arkansas where he will be an ambassador for Asda at the conference in front of a global audience.

John has always been an advocate for helping wildlife, and hopes that by attending this conference it will encourage big supermarkets to look at how they can reduce plastic waste.

He said, “I’m really excited for the trip, it’s going to be brilliant. It will be my first time in America and I am looking forward to telling them how to cut down plastic.”

You can see John’s video which caught Walmart’s attention here: https://bit.ly/2ISURs3

A service user from North-West charity, Autism Together, has been invited by Walmart in the United States to give a talk at its annual international conference.