Emma Crabb, Autism Together Awards Co-ordinator Manager reports on a well deserved ceremony for our service users.

We have been working really hard to support individuals through various externally accredited awards such as: Duke of Edinburgh Award, ASDAN Awards, Gateway Awards, BAGA Awards, National Navigation Awards, John Muir Award and the RYA Helmsman Qualification.

These awards have a huge positive impact on our service users, it supports our organisations core values and for many it is their first achievement, these awards promote wellbeing and independence, they allow individuals to have an aim and a great sense of accomplishment when they have achieved.

This year we have tripled the amount of awards presented and reached a very high number of seventy seven.

Over the past few weeks our Community Vocational Services departments and some of our residential houses have held award presentations to deliver these awards. Families have been welcomed to Oak house and Giles Shirley Hall to witness the individuals excepting certificates to mark their fantastic achievements.

The events have been excellent and we are really proud of all the awards. We hope to continue the delivery of the awards and promote further opportunities to all across the organisation.

by Emma Crabb (Awards co-ordinator Manager).

Individuals who received their awards in the Resource Centre awards

Ken receiving his award at Giles Shirley Hall

Christopher receiving his RYA Certificate for the Community Health and Well-being awards .

Individuals who received their awards in the Performing Arts presentation