Alexander the Great visits an art auction with a difference

Alexander the Great visits an art auction with a difference

I was kindly invited by Autism Together to sell five of my paintings at their charity art auction, at the Corke Gallery in Liverpool, and got the chance to be there to see how the evening went. As part of the evening, I also volunteered at the event by helping out with guests.

The evening arrived and I was wandering around the gallery looking at other peoples’ artwork.  When I looked at my paintings it was interesting to see how mine appealed to a different target audience to others (mine appealed more to the younger generation). When the audience came in at last I met a young woman who I seemed to talk to a lot about my paintings.  I was telling her how I liked to do a lot of visual research on the country and the wildlife before I begin a piece. I told her about a past painting I had done based on the iconic Mt Fuji and how the traffic lights turned blue instead of green in Japan, even though she said that she had been to Japan many times and didn’t notice that.  I really did enjoy telling her all about how I do my painting, which is by drawing it out first and then painting over it to get the accurate detail.

When the auction began I was asked to go into the back with Eleanor and two hospitality workers to help wrap the artwork up in bubble wrap. The pace was slow to begin with but the bigger the paintings got the more work we had to pick up at a faster pace, especially when the auctioneer kept saying “sold” every second (not literally).  Towards the end of the evening it was my turn to show off my paintings, which made a total of two-hundred and forty pounds. This amount was added to the rest of the paintings value to total an amazing £15,000, which will all go towards Autism Together’s Future 50 Appeal. Before everyone left I got to meet some of the people who were nicely commenting on my paintings and an art lecturer was saying positive things too about mine.

In conclusion to this blog I was really happy at the fact that I got to present my art work and compare it with other qualified artists, (I taught myself how to paint by the way), because not only am I happy to help Autism Together raise money but also to show how much I am progressing with my talents.  I am glad to say that my work with art has progressed dramatically this year, especially with my friends commissioning me and offering to take some abroad to places like Goa, Bali, Turks and Cacaos, Kiev and many more, especially still to come.  I will really look forward to another event like the auction, and if something like that does happen again then it will always be a pleasure to make more paintings to help raise money.  I may even try a new theme other than countries and wildlife such as introducing a collection of dinosaurs in the right place and time periods, because I am really keen to introduce dinosaurs into my paintings.

If you are wondering who wrote this, then my name is Alexander ‘the Great’ Baldwin and I can’t wait to see where I get sent to next.