Three of the images have been created by our own artist, the talented Stephen Berry.

Christmas is coming!

Here at Autism Together, we know just how gifted our service users.  With just two months to go until Christmas dawns upon us, people across the society have been dabbling in creating their very own Christmas cards!  In the run-up to the country’s favourite season, our service users got their mitts stuck into the task of designing their very own colourful and creative Christmas cards.  These could be produced using any medium they wanted to use, from photographs to drawings and from collages to paintings.

As is always the case here at Autism Together, the results were all of incredibly high quality across the board.  From traditional nativities to St. Nick and his jolly reindeer, there was a wide range of choice displayed.  We are incredibly proud of each one of our service users for their entries!

These beautiful pieces are now on sale here at Oak House and they truly are quite special.  Three of the entries selected for our annual Christmas cards feature the work of our immensely talented Stephen Berry who once again crafted some visually striking designs, which we believe the entire family will enjoy.  These cards are not only a truly are a special way of showing your nearest and dearest just how much you care; they also demonstrate the talents of our clients whilst raising an incredibly positive profile for autism awareness.

These special cards are now on sale at Oak House, selling at just £1.50 for a pack of 4, or 4 packs for £5.  Be sure to grab your pack while stocks last!!