We have received reports of a person or persons approaching homes in the Bromborough and Eastham areas claiming to be fundraising for our charity. They are asking people to donate through direct debit, requiring the person to complete a form with their bank details and leave it with them. They are NOT asking for cash donations.

The person doing this is using our old name, Wirral Autistic Society and we DO NOT and HAVE NOT got anyone fundraising using this method in this or any other areas. If anyone approaches your home or you get asked in the street to donate through direct debit to us then please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or call 101 and also please report it to the Fundraising Team at Autism Together on 0151 334 7510.

Thank you

UPDATE 16/12/2015

Thank you to everyone who shared and responded to our news earlier in the week regarding the fraudelent fundraising that has been taking place. We have since learnt that people in the Tranmere area have also had calls to their homes. Please continue to be vigilant and alert us and Crimestoppers should you have anyone call to your home pretending to be fundraising for us