Neil Murphy - Activity Manager

Neil Murphy – Activity Manager

Neil Murphy, Activity Manager at our Community Development Department, reports on a recent day out with service users and our friends from the Princes Trust.

On Monday 30th November 2015 group of service users from our Community Development team enjoyed a day out organised and delivered by our local Prices Trust team. The two groups met at Bromborough Bowling and enjoyed unlimited ten pin bowling, pool and pizza. After lunch the groups had a tour of Bromborough Fire Station.

The Princes Trust team then treated our grateful service users to hot chocolate, Christmas songs and a Christmas present each!

It was a fantastic day out, this is what community development is all about, meeting new groups and sharing experiences whilst developing new friendships. We plan to keep in regular contact, developing community projects and working together.

Stephen Hyde, one of our service users summed it all up by saying “I had an amazing day, they are all really nice people”. Rebecca Lyons, one of the Princes Trust team members finished the day off by saying “I would love to work for Autism Together after this experience”.

A big thank you goes out to the Princes Trust from all of us at the Community Development team for their hard work, dedication and time in making the day such a memorable and enjoyable one!

Neil Murphy
Activity Manager – Client Services