Click the image above to watch an excellent new film from autistic director Jason Impey, starring two autistic lead actors.

The short film sums up many of the filmmaker’s thoughts and feelings about autism and autistic identity.

Jason says: “I am an independent filmmaker based in Milton Keynes. I am an autistic adult, diagnosed later in life. I have just made a very personal short film using 2 autistic actresses [Rina Julia and Lorie-Lanie Shanks].”

The 4-minute debut film uses striking black and white imagery to complement its clear and concise narration by Rachel Simpson, highlighting some of the issues autistic people face daily, including masking, social isolation and depression.

As the film’s narrator says: “Autistic people are just that… people, with feelings and emotions. Just because our emotions are shown differently or we struggle to show them, doesn’t mean they’re not there. If anything, we can have too many emotions, feel too much, hurt too much, and struggle to process all of this.”

You can view the film online now, via this link:

Thanks to Jason for sharing his excellent work with us.