Autism Friendly Afternoon at the World Museum Liverpool, Friday 15th July 2.30 - 4.45pm
Autism Friendly Afternoon at the World Museum Liverpool, Friday 15th July 2.30 – 4.45pm


Autism Friendly Afternoon at the World Museum, Liverpool
Friday 15 July – 2.30 – 4.45pm

Following on from a series of autism awareness training sessions, one of the first organisations to be involved with the Liverpool Autism Champions project, National Museums Liverpool – World Museum are holding an autism friendly afternoon on Friday 15th July between 2.30 – 4.45pm.

Yvonne Crowhurst, Head of Autism in Practice, said “We are delighted that the whole team at Nation Museums Liverpool are behind this project. Their passion for finding out about the factors involved in making a space autism friendly and their enthusiasm for supporting the needs of people with autism is a fantastic example of what the Liverpool Autism Champions project is all about.”

For more information visit this website: , we have included information below for your convenience.

  • There will be an Autism in Practice welcome desk in the atrium and you are welcome to explore the museum as you wish
  • There is a Quiet Space on Floor 1 in the Treasure House Theatre Lobby. If anyone in your group requires help at any time please ask a member of staff.
  • If your group has more than five people we recommend that you split it if possible and explore different areas to help avoid crowds and keep noise levels manageable.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • We are unable to allow eating and drinking in our museums, outside picnic and café areas. Parents are welcome to breast or bottle feed babies. The floor 5 café has a microwave for warming bottles and baby food.

This event is part of a pilot project to support the needs of people with autism.

  • Friday 15 July, 2.30 – 4.45pm
  • World Museum – the event takes place throughout the Museum
  • During the event the museum will still be open for all visitors, but we will try to keep the building quieter and less crowded than usual.
  • The afternoon is for all ages, individuals, families and groups.

You can explore the museum’s displays. Planetarium shows will be run at reduced volume and drop-in sessions will take place in the Aquarium and Bug House with live animals for all visitors. Quiet spaces will be signposted.

For more information please visit: