As you will see from John’s article, he really got ‘stuck in’, trying his hand at a whole host of activities and letting us know exactly how well he got along with each of them.

On Sunday 13th September 2015, a team from the Autism Together – Community Health and Well-being department attended the annual Disability Games, in Chester.  The event was arranged by the local Rotary Club and hosted at the fantastic facilities, at the Bank of America Life Centre.

This was the first time our team members and staff had attended the event, but as it is now the 15th time the games have been held, it is well established, and not something we plan on missing out on again in future!

There was a wide range of activities and sports on offer for those who attended to engage with and the emphasis was very much on fun and participation.

One of the team members who attended was John Marriott.  John has kindly written an account of his day, detailing some of the fabulous sports and activities he participated in.  As you will see from John’s article below, he really got ‘stuck in’, trying his hand at a whole host of activities and letting us know exactly how well he got along with each of them. There are also some terrific photographs of John in action.  Many thanks for sharing this with us John.

We would like to express our gratitude to Rotary Club as the organisers and Bank of America as the hosts of what proved to be a very successful event.

“Taking part in Sports”

John Marriott reports on the days events.

“I went in the greens car with Alex, Maria, Patrick and myself.

First we played darts I got 138 is good score then we did skittles I had a score is 40 then soft ball is 55 then hit tennis ball to target was 75 score then did penalty shootout was 3 goal with footballers celebration skills like Luis Suarez kissing the badge then got 10/10 in basketball trying to have not too much power in my shots then did lawn dart was 250 then I did obstacle course then Patrick was surprised at me said you are so fast under 18 seconds with mine 15 seconds is good thing won against Alex Hardy in race.

Also I did riding a bike around the lap x5 then 2 laps but I was riding carefully then did dart again with total is 133 then did golf but I was quite poor at golf since college then did boccia I was hitting the white x3 then table tennis then curling but I got 12 points then did bowls with 10/10 then coaches said I should be in bowls tournament as well. After that we tried to do archery but big queue in my life.

After that we did penalty shootout with 10/10 again then darts with 118 but best score is 138.

After that we went to McDonald’s I had Italian classic with fries and coke. My favourite event is darts, penalty shootout, bowls and obstacle course.”

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