Sensory Garden plan for Raby

Fantastic news! We’ve secured all the funds to build our Sensory Garden at Raby Hall…

Yes, thanks to the generosity of our donors, supporters and families, plus hard work from staff, managers and the fundraising team to plan and promote this project, we’re now able to start planning the build and creating the garden.

The £50,000 project comprises an all-weather sensory garden in the grassy area behind Raby Hall and The Maples where the pagoda stands. In fact the pagoda will be incorporated into the garden area as a feature.

It will also feature bucket swings, trampolines, reflective coloured glass, items to touch – all giving different sensory feedback.

We worked with design firm Timotay to create detailed plans of how the project will look when built. Check out the images and click the link to see a walkthrough video on YouTube to get a real feel for the finished garden.

All being well, we’re hopeful the build can be completed by summer 2021.

Of course, we’ll keep you updated with all the progress.

Sensory Garden plans for Raby Hall