Vision and Values

As a Society our staff, service users and trustees have agreed our vision, ambition and our values which we all aspire to.

Autism Together is a leading specialist provider of innovative services for people who have and who are associated with autism

We promote positive communication

We will be open and honest in our communication with each other but recognising that there will be times for confidentiality.

We will listen to others views and opinions.

We will share information in a timely manner

We should not be fearful of raising legitimate concerns and issues.

All communication should be professional and courteous.

We will appropriately and positively use communication tools (include email etc.) as well as those which are autism specific.

Everything we do is person-centred

We are aware that our positive actions effect/promote peoples’ lives.
We are flexible and take into account peoples personal circumstances.
We are creative in our support of people.
We include people in everything we do.

We are an organisation that promotes learning

We recognise that everyone has the right to be developed and should have equal access to such opportunities.

We take responsibility for our own learning.

We create opportunities for learning.

We respect individual learning styles.

We seek out new, proven research to support learning.

We are reflective about our practices; learning from experience.

We are respectful

We treat everyone within the organisation and those we come into contact with at work with dignity and respect.
We respect that we all bring different life experiences, culture and knowledge to the organisation.

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