On Friday 7th November 2014 a group 10 volunteers, led by Gary Johnstone, came to Port Sunlight River Park to refurbish the old Biffa site office. The site office was in a tired looking state with plenty of work for the team to do!

Gary had kindly sourced cleaning materials and equipment for painting as well as the team coming with a plethora of skills to use.

The team from Vauxhalls arrived at 8am and got started straight away after a brief tour and talk. Within minutes one of the offices had been cleared and we could tell it was going to be a productive day!

vauxhall1 vauxhall2

The main group then split up into smaller teams and tasks were divided up accordingly. Tasks included clearance, washing down walls, painting, window cleaning and the removal of an old ‘’smoking shed’’.

The team worked hard throughout the day, working to their usual quality and timescale.

Windows we can see out of!


Below, an old kitchen/mess room being converted to a service user friendly area.

vauxhall4   vauxhall5

This room (below) had been used as a storage room until the team arrived, and this has now been converted to a clean space where service users will be able to sit and have a drink.


Below, the old smoking shed being removed

         vauxhall7     vauxhall 8

Below is the transformation of the reception area where we are hoping to have a visitors drop in centre, with drinks dispenser and a place to collect information.

  vauxhall9    vauxhall10

Even the kitchen had a transformation….

vauxhall11     vauxhall12

Below, the finished pile awaiting the skip arrival!


The Wirral Autistic Society are so grateful for the work that Vauxhall’s did on this day and it now means that our service users have a space to be proud of!

Many many thanks.