The group start their tour of services in Bromborough Pool Village at the Garden Centre

The group start their tour of services in Bromborough Pool Village at the Garden Centre

On 14th May 2015, a small group of staff and students from Bebington High School Sports College came to present Wirral Autistic Society with a cheque and to take a look at some of the Community and Vocational Services we provide in the Bromborough Pool Village area.

The group of 5, led by Julie O’Donovan from the school, one of her colleagues and 3 students, presented a cheque for £400.00, which was raised by hosting a film event at the school to mark World Autism Awareness Day.  Students were permitted, for a small donation, to opt out of their usual lessons for an hour or so and to choose instead to enjoy a screening of either Despicable Me or Iron Man.  The amount of money raised and subsequently donated to Wirral Autistic Society clearly demonstrates that this went down really well with the students!

Julie and the team at the school have made great progress in recent years, developing support approaches for pupils with an ASC and has seen the benefits of these approaches in the ways that these students integrate and engage within the school in general.  She is keen to build on this work and to forge links with others conducting research, or providing services or support that may ultimately help their students continued development as they move on into their adult lives.  Wirral Autistic Society would be very happy to maintain links with the school and to look at ways in which we can possibly work together in the future.


Sincere thanks go to everyone at Bebington High School Sports College.  Your generosity and positive outlook as to what people with Autism can achieve is highly valued and very much appreciated.