Wirral Autistic Society held a internal Conference for their valued team members at the The Village Hotel, Bromborough on 21st August 2014. Guest speakers were Robyn Stewart and John Williams.

A wide cross section of the staff team attended the day long event.


Robyn Stewart is a consultant and a person who has Asperger’s, she has spoken nationally and internationally about her experience of living with an autistic spectrum condition. Robyn has also written several books.


John Williams is a single parent to a young man who has autism and cerebral palsy. He is a comedian and has performed and spoken up and down the country – including radio, Edinburgh festival and NAS international conference and is a active blogger – “My son is not rainman!”

Pat Frost, Learning Support Officer, said “The conference was absolutely fantastic . It was emotional , funny, witty, I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. I do think this has been the most entertaining conference and from the autistic person / parent experiences their personal accounts were most interesting. It’s first-hand knowledge. Both speakers a delight to listen to with big personalities which showed humour and a sense of dealing with what life throws at you, you get on with the best way you can. What an inspiration to all of us.

Loved it”

The Society hold a number of team focused Conferences throughout the year which are organised by the Autism Practice and Development department.

Yvonne Crowhurst, Head of Autism Practice and Development Department said “We were extremely lucky to have these two prestigious speakers at our conference, both were brilliant and the staff really enjoyed it and it illustrated the need for continuing the work that we do! ~We must remember, however, that behind the humour, the important message is that autism is still misunderstood, underfunded re provision and awareness of the condition still has a long way to go. As a team, we are fortunate that the senior management enable us to continue to bring this quality of training to the staff group who are , of course, our greatest asset in our support of those with autism “.