Push for Action is gathering momentum across England – over 7,500 supporters have already signed their local petition – so we’re launching the next campaign assignment as we build towards the Government review.

This month, we’re asking supporters to contact the chair of a new health body in your area called a Health and Wellbeing Board.  These boards will have a crucial role in deciding what areas of health and social care should be prioritised, and checking if your council and the NHS are being transparent about the support they’re providing adults with autism.

Find out more and take part
These boards will examine the self assessment that tells us how well your council has been performing under the autism strategy.  You can take a look at your council’s current assessment by joining our campaign at www.autism.org.uk/push.

Councils are now being asked to complete a new self assessment, which will be discussed by your Health and Wellbeing board by the end of January 2014.

One of the Push for Action recommendations was for the Government to carry out another self-assessment exercise which all councils completed and to ensure there are clear ratings so we can accurately judge and compare performances across different councils.  We’re pleased to announce that a new framework with clearly defined ratings has been introduced, but we’ll still need supporters to tell us if they do reflect the reality from the ground when the results are released next year.