On Tuesday 14 May 2013 we joined the launch of the new campaign to push for better support for adults with autism, Push for Action.

For far too long, adults with autism and their families have been living without the everyday support they need. Some need help to get washed and dressed, others need specialist support to find sustainable employment, and others just want to take part in their local community.

This campaign aims to end their wait.

More than 50 MPs attended our launch event in Parliament, and pledged to help make sure the Government and local councils do more to support adults with autism and their families.

In 2009 Parliament passed the Autism Act, which meant that for the first time, autism was on the agenda. However, four years on, NAS research shows 70% of adults with the disability are still not receiving the help they need. This year, the Government is reviewing what progress has been made so far, which is a vital opportunity to make the case for more support.

You can see what your council has been doing for adults with autism and have your say on what more must be done, by joining the campaign today.

Our research revealed unsettling statistics:

36% of people with autism said they need help to wash and dress. But only 7% get this support from social services.
77% of people with autism say they need help to manage money. But only 4% get this support from social services.
53% of people with autism say they want help to find work. But only 10% get the support to do so.

However, we are beginning to see some progress. For instance, nearly every council has a person responsible for making sure they are following their new legal duties and around half of Local authorities now have a diagnostic pathway – a route for adults with autism to get a formal diagnosis.

Care Minister Norman Lamb highlighted the importance of the Review:

Our forthcoming review of the Autism Act will give us the perfect opportunity to ensure that, locally and nationally, the government is continuing to improve standards for adults with autism.

Now is the time to end the wait. Join Push for Action.