A number of people we support have had their Covid-19 vaccinations in the past few days and some have even agreed to go on camera to show others that it’s nothing to worry about.

Amanda is scared of needles and so Primary Care Wirral’s learning disability team invited her, along with her support team, to The Oval vaccination centre in Bebington to have a look at what’s involved in having the jab.

Amanda felt so comfortable and reassured that she decided to get her Covid-19 vaccine there and then. Well done for being so brave Amanda – what a superstar!

And thanks to Michelle Hyland and Jane Roberts for supporting Amanda and helping keep her calm.

Michelle said: “Amanda has been so brave today, having her first vacine for Covid-19 and she’s so super proud of herself. Amanda has a massive needle phobia, so this was a massive decision for Amanda and we’re so proud of her.”

Well done also to Stephen and Clayton, two more people we support who have had their vaccines.

They popped along to their local dedicated Covid-19 vaccination clinic for patients with learning disabilities and autism.

The men felt more comfortable having their jabs outdoors, so the team at Primary Care Wirral invited them to use the mobile clinical unit instead.

They were both very brave and agreed to make this little video about their experience…