The Paper Boat exhibition features the work of artists from Wirral Autistic Society interpreting the subject ‘paper boat’ in a variety of media. The exhibition required clients to work together and produce work from various departments including ceramics, photography, modelling and animation. Although each client created individual pieces for the exhibition they are combined to form a larger group installation. The exhibition opens at the Paper Boat Gallery in Ellesmere Port on Friday 19th of June and is on display until Monday 20th of July.

DSCF1162 DSCF0668 DSCF0483 paperboat poster blue changes 2DSCF1494

Service Users creating their own paper using traditional techniques then using marbling effects to produce the paper necessary to then fold the paper boats.


DSCF3287 DSCF3291 DSCF3297 DSCF3300

Setting up the exhibition at the Gallery…

…and the Opening Event.

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