Wirral Autistic Society attended the Manchester Autism Show, on the 28th June 2013 and exhibited to a packed arena space.

There were many stands representing different organisations from residential services to advanced technology, including computer software and robots.

The arena was buzzing with a positive vibe about autism.

It hosted stands selling autism services, sensory equipment, organisations such as The NAS, Artism, Hearts and minds, Autism Eye and many, many  more.

Representatives and visitors were a mixture of people with autism as well as neuro-typicals so lots of people were chatting to one another and learning about peoples journeys due to having autism or being involved with someone with autism.

The Wirral Autistic Society had our stall  (hosted by Terry Usher, Angie Kemp, Katie Lane and Yvonne Smith).

Many people were interested in what we do as an organisation and many were tempted by Roses chocolates and having a go on the ipad to ask for one!

WAS stand ran for the two days that the Show was open for (Friday and Saturday)

There were also host speakers that included NTs and people with autism.

It was a great place to network and discover pockets of activity going on up and down the country and everyone seemed enthusiastic about their part in the world of autism.


(L to R) Angie Kemp (Admissions Team) and Terry Usher (Quality and Development Manager – Community and Vocational Services) – Wirral Autistic Society