The RSPCA would like to thank Katie Lowe for her help rescuing a young Vixen (Female Fox). Katie is one of the service users that attends sessions at the kitchen gardens on the Raby site.

On a woodland walk Katie noticed the fox was in distress and struggling to move, Katie brought this to the attention of Daniel Kemp (Activity Leader Animal Husbandry) who contacted the RSPCA on Katie’s behalf.

The local RSPCA Officer John arrived and assessed the heath of the Vixen.

She was in good overall condition but she could not hold her own weight with her back legs, John was concerned that the fox had been injured possibly by a collision with a car. He made the decision to take the fox to the local RSPCA hospital where the fox would be given treatment and a health assessment made. John the RSPCA Officer did not think the fox would make it through the night.


Over the next week the foxes condition improved and John contacted us at Raby gardens to arrange to release the fox where she was found.

John and Daniel took the fox back into the woods and let her go to find the rest of her Skulk. We videoed the release so that Katie could see the video when she next visits the kitchen gardens.


John said “thanks to Katie the Vixen has been given another chance”


I hope everyone enjoys this video especially Katie.

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