Liverpool Autism Champions

Campaigners in Liverpool are spearheading a national campaign to make the UK more autism friendly.  They hope the city will become one of the UK’s first autism-friendly cities. Companies and organisations can join the likes of Everton FC, Liverpool John Lennon Airport, National Museums Liverpool and the Tate in helping Liverpool become one of the first autism-friendly cities in the UK.

What does the term autism-friendly city mean?

According to Autism Together and Autism Adventures, an autism-friendly city should be one where those with the condition are able to: travel on public transport, shop for food and clothes, take part in sports and leisure activities, visit cultural and tourist institutions, eat in restaurants and be supported appropriately by healthcare and emergency services

The partners are working with autism professionals across the UK to develop nationally accepted criteria.

What is hate crime and mate crime?

Disability hate crime is the general term used to describe any criminal offence that is motivated by hostility or prejudice based upon a person’s disability.

  • If you think people are picking on you because of your disability then it is a hate crime.
  • Mate crime happens when someone pretends to be your friend and then uses you instead of being a good friend. A ‘mate’ may be a friend, family member, supporter, paid staff or another person with a disability
  • Hate crime is when you are victimised by strangers just because you have a disability. Mate Crime is done by someone you know.