Yvonne Crowhurst – “It is thrilling and humbling to receive this award”.

Yvonne Crowhurst, Autism Practice and Development Manager at Wirral Autistic Society, has won Best Care Trainer in the Great British Care (Regional) Awards, which celebrate excellence in the care sector, awarded at The Palace Hotel, Manchester on 1st November 2014.

The Care Trainer award acknowledges the importance of the role of the Trainer within the care service and looks for a person who has shown incredible enthusiasm and determination in identifying training and development needs of care staff, establishing rolling training programmes, searching for and gaining funding and proving their ability to enthuse and energise staff to attend and request training.

Yvonne Crowhurst, said “It is thrilling and humbling to receive this award. Autism is such a unique condition that it requires autism specific  support by unique people. It is my role and privilege to head a specialist team who train those people to be effective practitioners in the roles that shapes and changes people’s lives positively. Many thanks to the Department of Health who supported the awards and the judges who chose me. I will try my best to live up to the honour.”

Robin Bush, CEO Wirral Autistic Society said  “Autism is an exceptionally complex condition that requires high levels of specialist staff support, through Yvonne sharing her expertise, skill and knowledge we ensure that the best practice is embedded throughout our organisation. Yvonne’s award is a fitting recognition of her tireless work to ensure that all staff understand the condition and are able to support people with autism to achieve the outcomes that they want for their lives.”

Yvonne, along with all the regional finalists will be invited to attend a spectacular gala dinner, where the winners of the National Awards will be announced. The gala dinner will include a champagne reception, dinner with celebrity presenter and dancing into the night.