A-Z of fundraising



Aerobics-athon — Organise an aerobics-athon to keep fit and healthy and feel good, as well as supporting Autism Together. You can do this online, following one of the YouTube exercise classes, or do your own. You could set up a JustGiving Page or a Facebook event to fundraise.

Airshow Recreate your own at home with the best model plane competition or a paper plane throwing contest – whose will go the furthest! Etc.

Auction Organise your own online fundraising auction! There are various sites where you can set up an online sale for charity; have a sort out of your old things, someone is bound to love them. Another idea is to donate a percentage (or all) of the funds raised from selling anything unwanted through a https://www.charity.ebay.co.uk/charity/Autism-Together/124193

Amazon Wish List Choose a gift to purchase for us from our Amazon Wish List, all the items have been selected by the people we support. So whatever you buy will improve and enrich the like of one of the people we care for


Bake off!One of our most popular fundraising event ideas! And you can do it online! Hold a summer cake making competition. Involve your friends, family and colleagues. Take pics of your creations and post on social media, and make sure you tag Autism Together. People can vote for their favourites by donating or give money to take part!

Beach party Don, your sunglasses, grab the deck chairs, roll out the towels and hold an at-home beach party. Donate the money you would have spent on a trip to the beach! Make mocktails, let your household judge the best, and ‘sell’ the recipe online for a donation to Autism Together.


Camping Get sponsored or donate for time spent in the great outdoors. Did you miss a camping holiday this year? Donate the money saved! Camp in your garden, cook outside or go on a nature walk. Get sponsored or donate for the different parts of nature that you have seen or experienced (number of trees/species of bird, etc.). Make sure you post plenty of pictures and video online to let others know what you are doing and to inspire them to give and get involved!

Celebration Fund Is it your birthday or anniversary? Do you have another celebration coming up that will be affected by this lock-down? Why not set up Autism Together on Facebook to mark your occasion. It’s a great way to stay in touch and celebrate, as well as raising money for people in need around the world.

Coffee fundraising! Have you missed your daily coffee during lock-down? How about donating the money you have saved?


Dance challenge

Time to put your best foot forward! — You could do a danceathon at home! Pick a time, get your playlist ready and keep dancing! Get sponsored, post pictures and videos online or stream the whole thing live!

Darts Tournament — are you part of a darts group or enjoy having a match with your friends? Host a tournament and ask all those taking part to make a donation – you can do this from your own home too! 

Dress Different Day — Spend a day your pyjamas or dress differently in fancy dress or even your favourite movie character or just wear a tutu! You do you. Share your pics online and don’t forget to get sponsored! 


ExerciseWhy not keep a log of distances covered running/cycling/walking and ask for sponsorship? Do you have a treadmill or exercise bike? How about skipping? What about walking up and down the stairs? How about yoga or learning something new? Get creative, set up your giving page and raise money for Autism together.

Expert Talk or skillshareDo you have a particular interest in a topic? Why not host an online talk and ask people to donate to join in and listen to what you have to say. This could be on any topic and is bound to attract attention to the online communities!


Facebook fundraising You can fundraise for loads of different things through Facebook, and it’s simple and easy to set up. From sponsored events to birthday fundraisers – a great way to get friends and family involved and you don’t need to collect the money in after!

Football As part of the Summer of Hope, have a football fundraiser to replace the Euros. You could have a penalty shoot out, dribbling challenge, or see how many keepie-uppies you can do! More ideas in our football fundraiser guide.

Free fundraisingSign up for Amazon Smile, Give as you live or Savoo, and you can donate to Autism together every time you shop!

Festival Fun! — Why not hose your very own version of Glastonbury right in your own garden this summer! Get out the wellies, hoodies and glow sticks and put on your favourite tracks. Charge friends and family and entry and ask for donations so they can request a song too!


Gardening How about turning gardening into a fundraiser? Maybe you have a fantastic garden, and you can post pictures or videos online, and invite people to donate. Or give a specialist talk about your garden and your knowledge of plants.

Gaming for Good Do you or someone you know play a lot of FIFA? Or love going on adventures in Minecraft? Or maybe you and your friends just love Super Mario. You could raise money for Autism Together while playing online. Have a look at JustGiving, to see how they can turn all that gaming into money raised for Autism Together.

Games Day: scrabble, chess, trivial pursuits etc — Hold a marathon board game tournament! Either pay to play or get sponsored. Take pictures or a video and post to social media.

Good deeds Children, (big and small!) in this time of isolation, why not be the washing up or laundry ‘fairy’ for your family, you could offer to clean the house, tidy up, or cook!. Charge a fee for these odd jobs and then donate it to Autism Together. What about selling I.O.U. job vouchers to friends and neighbours to be completed in the future, all for a donation to Autism Together


HaircutLots of people have long hair at the moment! Most of us have saved money on trips to the hairdressers. How about donating that money to Autism Together

Hula hoop contest How many times can you spin the hula hoop? Organise a hula hoopathon!


Indoor fundraisingWhat about having a charity clear-out? What about a sponsored reading challenge? Have a think and get creative!

International Food Night! — Host your own version of a food party and ask guests to bring dishes from around the world or cook them all yourself; you could charge an entry or have a raffle on the night too.


Joke-athonHave your friends in stitches with an online joke-athon. Make a video or stream online. All you need is a webcam and an internet connection. Get sponsored. How long can you keep your friends laughing? If the jokes are really bad, make them pay a fee to leave.

Jewellery Making — are you the crafty type? Could you make your own jewellery and sell it on with profits to be donated to Autism Together? Maybe you could even make friendship bracelets for your friends in school!


KaraokeGet into some online Karaoke! There are numerous sites which offer this service, and you can join with others as you do it. Donate the money you would have spent on a night out.

Knitting Marathon — gather your friends and host an all-nighter knitting marathon. You could all do a piece at home and then join them together and sell it off as one big piece or knit smaller items to sell and raise money for Autism Together.


Lego making competitionGather together all the Lego in your house and challenge your family to get creative! Who can make the most recognisable landmark, or biggest building? Pay to take part or get sponsored per brick or size of the building!

Lost Coins Search around the house for lost coins! A great game and you can give the money to Autism together. (We also take foreign currencies!).


Murder Mystery! — Gather friends and family and get together on Zoom to take part in a Murder Mystery night! Choose an inspector (host). Allocate your characters, dress up. Don’t forget a little prize for the winner. Think of fun ways to raise money during the evening, like a raffle or clues for £s! https://www.red-herring-games.com/product-category/games/dinner-party-games/?filter_game-type=murder-mystery

Mile of coins collect loose change from friends and family and see if you can reach a mile when it’s all laid out on the ground! All coins can then be donated to Autism Together – every penny counts!.


Non-Uniform Day speak to your school/workplace and convince them to have a non-uniform day and ask everyone to make a donation that is taking part.


Open-air cinemaIf you have a garden, why not set up an outdoor cinema screen (or just use a laptop!) and charge household members to vote on which movie you will show? Provide homemade popcorn and ice cream for extra donations to Autism together

Obstacle Course gather items you can find in your house and create your very own version of Ninja Warrior in your back garden! Charge friends/family to take part and extra elements to discover the winner – why not fine them every time they fall off or have to start again!


Penalty shoot-out Show off your skills in a sponsored shoot out as part of a football fundraiser. Put the goalie in fancy dress to make their job harder!

Plant Sale — Are you green-thumbed? Have you ended up too many tomato plants? Have a plant sale on your driveway for neighbours and donate the money to Autism Together.


Quiet in the house! Make your parents or carers happy by remaining quiet for a few hours, or even a whole day, with this popular fundraising activity. Remember to get sponsored too!

Quizzes Hold an online quiz night and raise money for Autism together by asking for a donation per entrant and include a raffle or auction on the night too!


Raffle — gather prizes from friends, family and local restaurants/attractions. Then host an online raffle sale – encourage people to make a donation to your own Just Giving page as a way of purchasing a ticket. You could do a Live Facebook video to reveal the winner!

Roulette — rather than play the casino why not turn this into food! You could include spicey chicken wings in with tamer ones or mix up hard-boiled eggs with raw ones and smash them on your heads! Adding an element of safe risk is enjoyable for all!


Sell for Autism together on eBayUnwanted items around the house? Auction them on eBay and a percentage (or all) of the sale price can come to Autism Together!

Sponsored walk Challenge yourself to walk a certain number of miles and get sponsored for it!

Sports dayThe school sports day may be cancelled, but you can recreate it at home with egg and spoon races, obstacles courses, relays, and pillowcase sack races! Charge household members to enter each race. Get other families to do the same and link up online.

Swear Box — know someone that needs to improve their language? Give them a swear box and everything they say something they shouldn’t, they have to make a donation!


Talent contest Hold a contest to showcase the talents of your family! Video it and share online, set up a JustGiving page, inviting donations to Autism Together.

Teddy bears’ picnic Have a teddy bears’ picnic for Autism Together. In your garden with your family. Send us your pics ask for donations.

Treasure huntCreate a treasure hunt around the house (or garden), with clues and challenges to see which of your family can find the treasure horde of chocolate treats (or anything else!). You can charge per entrant.


UpcyclingGo online for inspiration, get crafty and get donations or sponsorship for your creations. Post pictures and videos on social media so we can all enjoy them.

Uniform for Teachers! — Why not swop things around in school one day? Teachers wear uniform and children come in their own clothes – everyone can make a donation to take part.


Virtual football — but why not do a gaming challenge with Football Manager or FIFA? You can stream the event via JustGiving or Twitch.

Valet Service — why not offer to clean the cars of your family? You could charge a standard fee for each vehicle and additional extras too!


Wine and cheese evening Why not get together online with wine and cheese. How about giving it a Royal Ascot theme, with dressing up and hats! Ask people to donate to be part of the fun.

Wimbledon, Olympics etc The Olympics has been cancelled. As has Wimbledon and the Euros. You can do lots of different activities to raise money for Autism together. Challenge you, friends, to a knockout competition in the park. Create your own family and friend Olympics. Choose various activities like basketball, egg and spoon or even swing ball and create your own contest. Do a Strawberries and Cream Garden Party and play the classic tennis matches. You can fundraise for Autism together by setting up an event, starting a JustGiving or Autism together Celebration page, and get people to donate.

‘Who’s the baby?’ Get baby photos from colleagues and set up your own ‘who’s the baby quiz’ have a prize at the end and ask people to donate to give in their answers.


X-box tournament X-box and other games consoles are available, and you can use any of them to host a virtual fundraising day or night or both for Autism Together.


YogaCan’t get to your gym or class anymore? Search the internet for desk-based yoga to help you stay fit and well in these difficult times. There are many 30-day yoga challenges online sign up and get sponsored.


Zumbathon – set up an online Zumba class with friends and family – see how long you can do it for and ask them to donate to take part.

Zip Wire – take on a real challenge and visit a Zip Wire centre – gather sponsorship and make sure you get pictures from the day!