A huge round of applause and a big thank you to mega-fundraiser Andy Milley from Sunderland, who is taking part in our Get Active For Autism challenge this April, just 12 months after being in a coma during his fight against Covid-19!

Andy, who is part of our great supporters the Bearded Villains had to relearn how to walk, talk and eat after waking up from the five-week coma.

Following incredible support from family, friends and his chapter BV Northern Monkeys, Andy is preparing to complete 54 miles of exercise to promote autism acceptance this April and raise money for Autism Together.

Andy Milley during his fight against Covid-19 last year

In the article within The Chronicle newspaper, Andy said: “The motivation side of it is a massive sort of thing, it’s hard enough for me to go for a walk just normally. Obviously with everything that’s happened with the coma, it’s left me quite impaired physically.

“Mostly my sort of work at the minute will currently be at the gym as outdoors is a little more difficult with the different types of ground and that kinds of stuff. I’m quite reliant on the gym and the swimming pool at the moment, and I’ll predominantly be using either a cycling machine or a treadmill – it’s something that I can control myself and go at my own pace.

“I want to take a second to wish all of the other Bearded Villains Northern Monkeys lads who are taking part in this challenge the best of luck too.”

Our supporters, the Bearded Villains Northern Monkeys

Andy is an absolute star and a huge inspiration. If you’d like to support Andy you can do so over at his GivePenny page.

You can read the full story about Andy from The Chronicle online, here.

And if you’d like to take part in Get Active For Autism just click here.

Andy, pictured recovering with his family