Happy World Book Day to you all.

Last year we told you about an exciting young artist from North Wales who wrote, designed and produced her own children’s book – Autism & Sea – to increase awareness about autism, and help raise money for Autism Together.

Well, Amy Le Dain has just released a second book in the series, called ‘I Shine Differently’.

The Autism & Sea books feature a cast of colourful underwater characters, and this latest book is all about autism in girls.

Amy explains: “I Shine Differently is based on the character Astrid from the previous book Autism & Sea and explores autism from the perspective of a girl.

Amy Le Dain - autism artist, writer, musician from North Wales

Photo: Amy Le Dain is an artist, writer and musician from Wales

“With traits in females commonly missed in children of a young age and individuals not receiving a diagnosis until later on in their life, I thought it was important to raise awareness of how and why traits are missed.

“Although, the character Ollie (from the first book) is generally based on my self, I was able to use my own personal experiences and express them through Astrid to create a book that focused on the inclusion of girls in the autistic community.”

You can find out more and order a physical book (£6.99), or download a PDF version for your tablet (£3), at Amy’s website: https://www.autismandsea.com/

Amy is donating some of the proceeds from sales of her books to Autism Together and we’d like to thank Amy for all her support for our charity.