On Sunday 20th October 2013, a group of 10 people from WAS were treated to a spectacular ice show at the Phones4U Arena in Manchester.  No expense was spared by our extremely kind hosts, Daisy.  Daisy are the business branch of Phones4 U and a provider of ICT services to WAS,  the event was set up by the Director of Estates and Facilities at WAS, Steve Nunwick.


Andrew seems too interested in the show to pose for the photograph.

The group were given VIP treatment in one of the Daisy Corporate Hospitality boxes, with tickets for the show, food, drink and our very own hosts on hand to attend to our every need, and all on a complimentary basis.  Our contact in setting up the event, Mr Alistair Jagura, accompanied by his colleague on the day, Aric, stayed with the group throughout the performance and we were made to feel very special by the warmth and friendliness that was extended to us from both gentlemen.


David enjoys the luxury afforded the group on the day.

Many of our service users are avid Disney fans, but ordinarily would struggle with the crowds and general hustle and bustle such an event would bring.  The chance to experience the show without having to contend with all those other distractions is not an opportunity that will present itself very often to our service users.  Reports from the staff supporting the group were that each and every one of them thoroughly enjoyed being able to take in the whole experience in a way that kept any other pressures to an absolute minimum.


Keren takes in the whole experience.

All of the grou
p from WAS would like to pass on our sincerest thanks and appreciation to Daisy, Alistair and Aric.  Your kindness and generosity have given us a truly wonderful day and an experience that will be remembered for a very long time.