Perfoming arts

We have developed some great ways for people to play the guitar and play songs with a group of other guitarists. Participants can immediately play with the group and are encouraged to develop their skills and enjoy playing the guitar.

Music is split into:

  • Interactive Music sessions.
    These popular sessions encourage participants to join a group and play whatever songs people chose to sing or play. People are encouraged to participate on a wide variety of instruments and the emphasis is definitely on having fun and making some great music!
  • Music Technology
    These sessions use Music Technology such as Sound beam, echo/delay units and samplers to develop an individual’s curiosity to have go and encourage him/her to explore different sounds, develop a sense of expression through the different instruments and enjoy making music.
  • Drum Workshops
    These sessions develop a strong sense of interaction within the group exploring different rhythms and drum patterns and again the emphasis is very much on having a go and feeling part of the great sounds produced.
    Guitar Workshop

Rock gods are positively encouraged (as are more chilled contributions!).

  • Community Choir
    The Community Choir is, in our opinion one of the most inspiring and amazing Choirs in the U.K.! Never mind being one of the only Choirs in the world to be made up of vocalists across the autistic spectrum. These fantastic sessions are a great experience for all involved and as with all the above sessions we very much encourage you to view the footage available on our Face book page to see for yourself.
  • The Beathovens
    Performing Arts is home to the Beathovens -a truly inspiring group of Musicians with Autism who sing, write and perform their own original material. They are a fabulous live Band and have performed on the same bill as luminaries such as Jools Holland and Sir Bob Geldof. They have also performed a live radio session from Glastonbury Festival and won Liverpool Battle of the Bands amongst many other achievements and great gigs. The band have also been featured on TV and Radio. Check out the bands Myspace page and the Performing Arts Facebook page for videos and gig details.
  • Dance and Movement sessions

The range of sessions is expanding all the time responding to what people want to do and experience within Performing Arts. The emphasis for all our performing arts sessions is for people to have fun and express themselves. To enjoy taking part in some great workshops and develop skills and confidence that can be used in many different aspects of that individual’s life. Performing Arts recognises the importance of giving people with autism a platform to express themselves and give people the opportunity to perform to a wider audience if that’s what they want to do. We have also seen many times what a powerful experience this can be for all involved, audience and performer alike.

We have ongoing vacancies in our community and vocational services and can offer flexible opportunities throughout the week up to a full five day programme.

Based in several locations in Wirral, our services are extensive and offer a full range of activities and we are committed to delivering the best autism support available, here are our range of services for adults dealing with the autistic spectrum.