Environmental: Animal Husbandry, Horticulture, Landscaping & Woodland

Set in 5 acres of land we offer a bespoke, personalised service to all, with open areas ideal for therapeutic horticulture and animal husbandry. We also encourage service users to complete recognised qualifications including ASDAN and John Muir. We offer a friendly welcoming environment for all service users to enjoy.

Animal Husbandry

This is a very popular activity with our service users who find the atmosphere tranquil and calming. We keep lots of animals including goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. Service users help with the feeding, welfare and even the ‘mucking out’, providing a great opportunity to get to know our animals.

There is a variety of activities to suit all abilities and preferences.

All our activities are supported by specialist knowledge and techniques for helping people with Autism and a variety of communication systems.

Service users can work alongside the animals at their own pace, either going inside the paddocks to feed and `muck out` or sit outside the paddocks. We have benches situated around the land which allows service users to be involved in the animal husbandry department but at their own pace. Building on individual’s confidence and self esteem.

Landscaping & Woodland

Our Raby site has over five hectares of private deciduous woodland. It is a secure, quiet and calming environment for our service users who appreciate the space and natural surroundings. It allows them the security and confidence to do activities that might otherwise not be available to them.

The activities available to them include constructing pathways, maintaining fences, painting and maintaining the outbuildings on the farm. They have the opportunity to use power tools, hedge trimmers and strimmers, as well as participate in tasks such as flagging and paving. We also have a Tractor to clear paths and other duties and service users get to safely drive and ride on it.


In our horticultural sessions our service users get to participate in a variety of gardening activities such as mowing lawns and driving tractors, propagation (seed sowing/cuttings) and plant care (including watering and cropping) as well as using a variety of garden tools (hedge trimmer, strimmer etc) Service users can choose an individual plot; this then becomes theirs to care for. Individuals can choose whatever they want to grow in them. These are very popular and each individual bed is very bespoke.

Service users have the opportunity to watch their seedlings flourish through to harvest and then take the vegetables home when they are fully grown.

We have ongoing vacancies in our community and vocational services and can offer flexible opportunities throughout the week up to a full five day programme.

Based in several locations in Wirral, our services are extensive and offer a full range of activities and we are committed to delivering the best autism support available, here are our range of services for adults dealing with the autistic spectrum.