Creative Arts, Digital Media & Information Technology

Creative Arts

Our approach is informal and relaxed allowing service users to explore a wide variety of media and techniques finding what works best for them personally.

Our activities include: pottery, jewellery making, painting & drawing, collage and printing, needlecraft and fabric based activities.

The sessions take place in our modern creative arts rooms which use a variety of communication tools and visual structures and all staff are highly trained in nurturing the talents of each individual. We look to develop each service user through a variety of art techniques, group projects and many of our service users progress on to completing the ASDAN award in Art.

We have a Ceramics department with a potter’s wheel and large kiln, where service users are encouraged to explore a range of tactile activities with clay and glaze. Many of the fired products go on sale at craft fairs and always attract high praise for their quality and originality.

We believe that everyone can create art and we encourage participation from each service user and record their progress and independence, no matter what their ability level.

Digital Media

Our digital media programme allows people to: create 2D/3D animation, design & produce their own comics and magazines, photography and photo editing, shoot videos and edit them.

In all our arts, IT & digital media sessions there are opportunities to work towards a nationally recognised qualification.

All sessions take place in our two state of the art media suites where service users can use a variety of software and hardware to nurture their talents. We use intuitive technology to make stop motion animation (a very popular activity) and computers to create comic strips from their own drawings or pictures from the internet. Our latest development is our digital photography sessions where service users can explore a variety of digital photography techniques and video recording and editing.

We often combine the Creative Arts sessions and Digital Media sessions to allow service users to work on group and single projects from design and creation (in Art) to animating, filming and photographing (in Media).

Information Technology

Our IT programme takes service users through the fundamentals of using a computer to using more advanced software.

We use Smartboards for a range of group participation activities, playing literacy and numeracy games and creating group projects.

We use a variety of software and hardware including graphics tablets and scanners to create computer art and presentations and many of our service users develop their ideas and progress onto completing the ASDAN award in ICT.

Activities include: IT skills used in businesses, exploring the Internet, how to access information for research projects, using email and forums to interact with people across the web.

All sessions are personalised to the individual and take place in our state of the art IT suites, using a variety of communication tools and visual structure. We believe that with the right motivation everyone can enjoy using a computer and use it as a tool to develop as an individual.

We have ongoing vacancies in our community and vocational services and can offer flexible opportunities throughout the week up to a full five day programme.

Based in several locations in Wirral, our services are extensive and offer a full range of activities and we are committed to delivering the best autism support available, here are our range of services for adults dealing with the autistic spectrum.