Michael Rodham, Kenneth Scott and the Duchess of Cornwall 

The Land Trust recently requested Wirral Autistic Society service users to provide refreshments an event at the Countess of Chester Hospital on the Friday 12th September 2014, writes Diane Howard.

“Michael Rodham and Kenneth Scott, were very helpful setting up on the day and dismantling the equipment at the end of the day, they also met the Duchess of Cornwall, which we did not know anything about until someone had mentioned it during lunchtime. I introduced myself and said that we were from Wirral Autistic Society and introduced the service users and I asked could we have a photograph of them both with herself and she insisted.

We had recently catered for the Riverside Park event buffet for the Land Trust prior to this and were very impressed with the buffet that we had provided and also the price! They asked me would it be possible to do another event for them and any more that they may have within the area –  the feedback was very positive.

A great day was had all round.
Countess of Chester Event (Land Trust) 12-9-2014 008 Countess of Chester Event (Land Trust) 12-9-2014 004