A teenager who is involved with Wirral Autistic Society’s Children & Family Service, has been rewarded with a series of artistic commissions after entering a competition suggested by one of our team members.


Beth Armstrong was shortlisted in the Eco Festival, run by Autism Adventures and the Atlantic Whale Foundation, for her digital drawing of a Dusky Dolphin.  The organisers were so pleased with her submitted illustration they asked her to make a short video clip of herself, which they featured alongside her artwork in an exhibition.

After the event they asked Beth if she would do more dolphins/whales as a series of pictures, as they wanted to get posters and postcards printed to raise money for their charity.

After a late diagnosis at 15 of high functioning Asperger’s, Beth’s family contacted the WAS Children & Family Services for some help and advice.  This led to the family accessing some of our services including a couple of home visits to suggest ways for the family to support each other.  As a result of one of our weekly family newsletters, Beth entered the competition.

Beth said: “I am delighted to have been chosen to exhibit my work and create more illustrations and I’m really looking forward to visiting Tenerife, with the Eco Festival team, to see their facilities out there to swim with whales and dolphins.”