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General information about our Autism Talking Therapies is available on a separate leaflet. Please note: we do not offer advice on finances, form filling or admissions into care services - but we may signpost.


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Please note - these Talking Therapy Sessions are only available to individuals receiving little to no professional support from other services.

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Your session may be cancelled or rearranged at the discretion of Autism Together, should there be a need to and an alternative date and time will be given.

If for any reason you cannot attend the session please let us know as soon as possible on 0151 482 3145 or by email to:

This means that you will be put back onto the waiting list due to the high demand for sessions. This will enable us to use the session time with another individual who needs it.

General Data Protection Regulations: The person(s) participating in this session agree for this information to be kept and stored electronically. This will be done confidentially and may be deleted permanently at any time under the wishes of the main participant.

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