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Autism Together Acceptance Month Workshops

April is Autism Acceptance Month and, in previous years, we’ve gone out and visited schools and colleges to raise awareness and acceptance of autism. Since the pandemic things have been a little different, but we have found schools across the UK have enjoyed accessing our FREE presentations and workshop materials to help young people learn more about autism.

Two pre-recorded assemblies have been put together by one of our staff members, Chloe Jones, for use by schools to help promote autism acceptance and explain more about what autism is and how it might affect someone. During these short presentations, Chloe gives a brief introduction to autism and the work that our charity does, while also focusing on ways you might help someone with autism, before sharing some interesting facts about autism.

You can download all our resources below, including lessons plans for both primary and secondary students, printable activities and our printable activity booklet too.

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Primary School Workshop

Secondary School Workshop

Autism Together Acceptance Month