Remember a charity
in your will 

Making a will is something we often delay, yet it is one of the most important documents we will ever create. 

Autism Together has organised a week of events highlighting the importance of leaving a will and helping to tackle some of the difficult legal decisions that need to be made. 

We’ll also be showing you how you can get a free will, through one of our two charity partners Bequeathed and McClure Solicitors.

And we’ll share a video presentation from Estate Planning Solutions about leaving an inheritance to a vulnerable person.

From September 7-11, we will be sharing videos, hosting webinars and teaming up with solicitors to take you through the ways you can create the will that works best for you.

An important part of our week is discussing the value of legacies to charities like ours. Wills and legacies are so important both for the peace of mind of the person making them and for the charities who are so often remembered in them.

For most people, leaving a legacy will be the greatest contribution they ever make to the support of a charity, and one that will create a lasting difference for years to come. 

Remember, any donation, however big or small, can make a huge difference.

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What’s happening during the week


on our Facebook page 

We’ll share a personal video from Rick Myers from Autism Together, describing his experience of the importance of creating and leaving a will. 


Free webinar with Bequeathed, whose legal representatives will take you through topics like making a will, power of attorney, inheritance tax, and setting up a trust for a loved one, along with how to make your will for free.

Click here for more details and to join the free webinar.

September 9th

on our Facebook page 

Watch a personal video from one of our supporters, Vicki Jackson, who explains why her mum Joyce decided to leave a gift in her will to Autism Together and the difference this legacy has made, both to Vicki and the people we support.

September 10th

7-8pm on Zoom

This is a free webinar from 7-8pm via Zoom, with McClure Solicitors. It will cover similar topics to our Tuesday webinar and is ideal for those unable to attend a daytime session. They will also be able to help you make a will for free.

Click here for more details and for access to the free webinar.

September 11th

10am on Facebook

We’ll be sharing a video presentation from Estate Planning Solutions, who will be taking an in depth look at considerations to make when leaving an inheritance to a vulnerable person. It will cover how to maximise and protect an inheritance and ensure the long-term financial future of your loved ones.

If you would like more details about our free webinars or other info about wills & legacies please email us.